Classic Purple Ferrari Mondial on Sodo Moto

I’ve always been a big fan of the classic 80’s Ferrari Mondial, and this one– found for sale over at Sodo Moto– is something I’ve never seen. When I think of Ferraris, I think of red ones. What do you guys think of the Prunga Metallic one shown here?


1984 Mondial Quattrovolve Cabriolet. Finished in Prugna (plum) Metallic with tan leather interior. Looks good with modest ~45k miles. Includes original tool-roll and boot cover. Trim between door % 3/4 window deteriorated – similar on both sides.

Stored for many years – new owner should plan on belt service; tires; fluids. Includes Ferrari 348 wheels if you choose to move from the factory TRX wheels; Will be sold on a WA bonded title.

Source | More Photos: Sodo-Moto.