Shock and Awesome: Official Harley-Davidson GMC Truck for 2020

The Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 is something of an icon in the licensing world, and– since it’s basically a suite of plastic orange add-ons that manages to command a $50,000 price premium– it should be! The well-known collaboration between Ford and Harley hasn’t exactly been a collaboration since 2013, however, when Ford pulled the plug on the project and handed the business over to an 3rd party called Tuscany Motor Co. Fast forward to 2020, and it appears that the Motor Company has decided that Ford guys shouldn’t be allowed to keep the bar and shield to themselves! Meet the Official Harley-Davidson GMC Truck.

“The Harley-Davidson GMC was designed to be unmistakably Harley-Davidson,” reads Tuscany’s material on the truck. “… down to every last detail. This includes the active air fender vents, which feature raised orange and dark finish perimeter accents, and the Bar & Shield logo (which is everywhere).”

To me, the most striking Harley-Davidson GMC Truck feature is the unique front fascia with its Bar & Shield-vented grille, integrated tow hooks, and LED light bar. To the normies you’ll likely pull up next to in your $95,000 pickup, though? They’ll notice the wheels. “The 22″ wheel styling of the Harley-Davidson GMC was inspired by the famous Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® and CVO® motorcycle models,” reads the PR, which urges buyers to “demand attention with the vivid, orange logo and ‘HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY’ milled into the face of the wheel.”

There’s a lot more H-D to be found in this GMC, too– from the high-end, contrast and cross-stitched quilted leather interior to the jaw-dropping Bar & Shield logo embossed into the huge, one-piece tonneau cover. Best of all, it’s limited to just an initial run of just 250 units, ensuring that the truck’s $94,995 MSRP isn’t the only think working to keep it an ultra-exclusive proposition.

I like it– but I like almost all of the pricier GMC offerings, anyway, so I might be biased. What do you guys think? Take a look at the photos, above, then let us know if you think this is another great way for Harley to expand its offerings and go after new clients, or a step in the wrong direction in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images:, via Motor 1.