Change of Plans | Chicago Harley-Davidson

It’s been a summer of changes for your pal(s) at OGB. The main business of New Industria has a new brick-and-mortar aspect to it, Chris has taken his music promotion act on the road, Rob’s woodworking is keeping him super-busy, and me– well, what about me? Around mid-June, Gas2 got sold to a group of guys (good dudes) who re-branded it as “” and re-focused the site purely on EVs. Sometime around August, then, as the building took shape and the construction crews began wrapping up their work, I began the process of interviewing for my new gig. And, as of September, I myself as the brand-new manager of the brand-new Chicago Harley-Davidson in Rosemont.

The building is built to mimic the original Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee. Instead of being nestled into America’s Dairyland, however, it’s planted squarely in the middle of Chicago/Rosemont’s entertainment district and surrounded by trendy restaurants, the Big 10 Conference’s HQ, hotels, a convention center, a comedy club– it’s just awesome. An awesome building, an awesome location for a Harley dealership, and an awesome gig for yours truly.

As great as it’s been, it’s been equally challenging. I’ve been busy building a new team almost from scratch, I’ve been busy learning a new product line, and– along with everyone else in the Harley-Davidson community– busy preparing for the launch of the all-new, paradigm-shifting Livewire electric motorcycle. Which, yeah– it’s $30,000, but it’s not the most expensive bike in the store. Not by a long shot, you know? So, I fully expect that to be a thing in the coming weeks.

All of which is to say: sorry I haven’t been giving this blog the attention that the concept so righteously deserves. I’d like to say that– as snow begins to fall in earnest here in Chicago– all that’s about to change and I’ll be posting two or three times a day from here on out. I’d like to, but I won’t. Not yet, anyway. This particular project is going to have to stay on the back burner for a while, yet– but its time is coming rather sooner than later. It’s just too good. I promise. Stay tuned.


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