Ferrari F40 LM Breadvan by Khyzyl Saleem

Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem may be lacking some vowels for that first name, but he certainly isn’t lacking any talent! The work that Saleem has shared on his Facebook page is achingly beautiful and filled with wild, tasteful, photorealistic renderings of some of the most desirable vehicles imaginable. Sadly, however, Saleem may have peaked with this one. Meet the Ferrari F40 LM Breadvan Tribute. Weep at its beauty.

The thinking behind the original Breadvan– a Ferrari 250LM– was to modify the bodywork with an eye towards improving aerodynamics. The resulting Kammback tail reduced drag and increased the car’s top speed considerably. It also looked absolutely bonkers, and its unique appearance drove the car’s value as high as $23 million in 2014.

Ferrari 250LM Breadvan

The original Ferrari F40 LM, too, is prized by collectors. It comes from a different era of aerodynamic understanding, though. It’s more about downforce than reducing drag, for example, but Saleem’s work blends the two beautifully. It looks more than real. It looks right.

That’s just me, though– what do you guys think? Is this F40 LM based Breadvan tribute something you’d put in your dream garage, or is it a poor use of an F40? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Most of all, though: go check out Saleem’s Facebook page. It is really, really incredible stuff, and– I promise– you’ll find your dream car there.


Source | Images: Khyzyl Saleem; Dave Adams.