Modern Supercars vs. Group B Rally

Rally cars are strange things. Sure, there are outliers like the Porsche 959, Lancia Stratos, and Ferrari 288GTO Evo which are supercars to their cores– but, for the most part, rally cars are Ford Escorts and Lancia Deltas and stuff like that. Not bad cars, but not super. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a real, modern supercar all decked out like the legendary Group B racers of the 80s? the guys at UK-based NeoMam studios, and put their skills to work making the renderings you see here.

These aren’t just drawings thrown out without any thought put into them, either. Of the rally-ready Ferrari Portofino, NeoNam’s people wrote, “The Portofino is Ferrari’s “everyday” car, you know, the one you jump into when popping down to the servo to pick up some milk. As it’s their entry-level Ferrari for the common person, it’s the most obvious car for them to introduce to rallying. Expect plenty of pony from its twin-turbo V8. 591 ponies to be precise. While the lightweight aluminum chassis would mean it could accelerate like a rocket, but with slightly better handling …” and, of the Tesla, “For a whole new take on rallying, the Tesla Model X would really shake up the old order. Being all-electric it would have frightening acceleration though unfortunately without any of the engine noise that makes the sport so thrilling. Not to be deterred however, the Model X already has all wheel drive as well as Tesla’s unique, Smart Air Suspension while its performance edition doubles up the rear motor’s power to 503 bhp. It sounds like they were planning for a foray into rallying all along and with Elon Musk still at the helm who would be surprised?”

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Source | Images: Budget Direct, via Core 77.