1975 Heuer Supersport Lands on eBay

Heuer watches are kind of a thing. They’re also kind of an expensive thing, which anyone who’s recently shopped for a TAG Heuer will tell you. Now and then, however, you can find a rare example online that will both get you into the club, and set you a bit apart. That’s certainly the case with the Heuer Supersport wrist-worn stopwatch from 1975, shown here.

There are lots of iconic racing watches— the Rolex Daytona and Vacheron Constantin American come to mind– but you could argue that no watchmaker has contributed more to the world and culture of motorsports than the Swiss brand, Heuer.

I make that claim because of Heuer’s “Time of Trip” chronograph. Introduced in 1911, the Time of Trip chronograph was meant to be mounted in the dashboard of a racing car, and allowed the driver and mechanic in the car to more accurately keep track of their lap and stage times. Then, in 1914, they changed the racing world again with the launch of the world’s first wrist-worn chronograph.

In the original ad for this 1975 model, Heuer claims the watch has a 1/5 second recorder, central 0-60 minute register, lever movement, 7 jewels, and shock-protection. They also call this a “Tropic strap”, which is a nice way of saying “rubberized plastic”. To be fair, though, you really don’t want to be sweating any more than you have to be at, say, Sebring or Daytona.

In any event, if you want to spend some money and wear an old-school-cool wristwatch from one of the most well-known brands in motorsport, head on over to this eBay listing and give it a bid. Good luck!


1975 Heuer Supersport Chronograph

Source | Images: b_lebowski, via eBay.