Meet Your Heroes: Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Depending on how you measure success, Ferrari is the most successful racing team in all of motorsports. From its legendary endurance wins in the 60s and into the modern prototype era with the 333SP, to its seventy-year history in Grand Prix and Formula 1, if there is a race track somewhere, someone has run a Ferrari on it. Wind the clock back to the early 1980s, however, and Ferrari wasn’t just thinking about they were going to run on the track: they were thinking about what they were going to run off the track.

That’s where this car comes in. For the uninitiated, this is the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione. It was designed and built under the watchful eye of Enzo Ferrari himself- one of the last cars to hold that distinction- who had every intention of driving the 288 GTO straight up Audi’s ass winning races.

Even though the Evoluzione was never raced in anger, it could be argued that it was the most successful Group B machine. Built, as it was, from a tubular steel spaceframe with (then) cutting-edge carbon fiber body panels, the 288 weighed in at less than 2,200 pounds. Motivating those pounds was a twin-turbocharged, DOHC V8 engine developing more than 650 horsepower … which, if you’re of a certain age, might already sound familiar.

A little help for the kids: spaceframe construction, carbon fiber body panels based on the Pininfarina-designed 308, twin turbo V8, and massively dangerous product of the 1980s? You’re talking about the Ferrari F40. The direct predecessor to the Ferrari F50, 333 SP, Enzo, and, ultimately, the la Ferrari hybrid. Not a bad legacy, if you ask me!

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This Ferrari 288 GTO Evo Gets Lots of Love

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