You’ve Found the Original Group B

Once upon a time, there was something called Group B. That was what it said on all the relevant paperwork, anyway. All of us that were excited about them called the cars “the Killer Bs”, though- both because of the sound they made as they ripped across the scenery and because of the twisted bodies of talented drivers and enamored fans they all too often left in their wakes. Almost as quickly as the Group Bs arrived on the world’s motorsports stage, they were gone- but their departure just fed the legend.

Now, more than thirty years on, the hold that these cars had on us still remains, and it can be felt in the fashion, culture, movies, and even still, in the cars that excite us today. Maybe.

Here, at Original Group B, we’ll be celebrating Group B’s lasting influence and growing legend. So, however you’ve found your way here, welcome- and thanks for being a part of this with us.


Original content from OGB.